Discovering Spiritual Wellness

Hardly any folks are attuned with their spiritual health which has a significant effect in the over-all wellness of your head and body. Spirituality is unique to each individual. It may be equated with traditional religions such as for instance Christianity, Hinduism, or Buddhism. It could also be manifested in the amount of growth this one experiences in personal relationships, or in simply staying at peace with nature.

Those who find themselves not in touch with their spiritual needs usually experience deep sadness, depression, intense anger, fear, anxiety, and grief. These negative feelings can make the environmental surroundings for emotional, physical, and mental health dysfunction. Those who suffer with repeated physical and emotional abuse posesses wounded and broken heart, as though perpetually tormented by life’s difficulties and pains. They don’t realize that their heavy-heart influences their well-being or quality of life. Denial of the depth of distress is only going to aggravate the situation and may lead to serious heart conditions and illnesses.

Recent studies have shown the bond between depression and anxiety, and the development of heart diseases. They are considered risk factors equal to high cholesterol and diabetes. According to analyze, patients going right through depression are doubly likely to die from the complications of a heart attack, compared with people who don’t have depression. Some experts even claim that depression and anxiety must be classified as new risk factors for the development of heart disease.

Individuals who are alone and friendless tend to be more sickly, with greater chances of developing heart problems and a shorter life expectancy, than those blessed with a broad circle of friends and other relationships offering emotional and moral support. There seems to be a direct connection between illness and lack of love as documented in research studies conducted by Dean Ornish, M.D., a respected cardiologist from the University of California in San Francisco.

A few years ago, scientists can see that inflammation of the coronary arteries plays a function in the arteries becoming clogged with cholesterol. Two of the very most successful heart medications, beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors, work at the hormonal level, reducing the influence of adrenaline released when we are upset, nervous, or experiencing stress and fear. These drugs have been nothing short of miraculous, reducing incidence of death by 30 percent.

However, there are many patients who do not respond well to drugs because of emotional as well as physical ailments. This is where alternative healing, such as for instance meditation, prayer, or psychotherapy, comes in.

One meditative therapy is known as Sufism, or Practicing Remembrance — an old spiritual practice that originated in Islam, and best known in the West through the poetry of Rumi. Sufism focuses its many practical and effective methods of healing on one’s heart with a straightforward but miraculous means of opening a person to the healing rays of love.

Practicing Remembrance is a time-honored method of healing that makes use of a mix of breathing and sounds to open one’s heart to greater love. What you should be remembering when you utilize this technique is the idea of love. To numerous spiritual groups, the idea of love and God are interchangeable. For Sufis, the Practice of Remembrance may be the repetition of God’s name in numerous succession or cycles. Every time the name of God is repeated, love flows in to the heart. It’s this continuous procedure for repetition that’s the energy to cleanse one’s heart of all negative vibrations and the heaviness it carries. Nonetheless it is important to visualize love or the spirit entering one’s heart once the sound has been repeated.

Spiritual wellness is discovering a feeling of meaning in your lifetime, and living out the reason and purpose of your existence.

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