Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Annually, a large number of dollars are spent on every imaginable diet program, slim-down products, and weigh loss pills. For a lot of women, money is not any object since the need to shed those extra inches far outweighs any concern for finances.

Statistical data from 2003 to 2006 indicate that obesity rates had risen in 31 of the 50 American states. The data originated in surveys conducted by different local health departments on the height and weight of folks from different states. Another result of the survey stated a detailed relationship between obesity and heart problems one of the respondents. Because of the serious health implications of the research, state funding have been allocated to educate people concerning the dangers to be obese and overweight. The government-sponsored fat loss programs also dedicated to simple information campaigns about good eating habits. Individuals were provided flyers and other reading materials that contained information on how to make proper food choices. This strategy made sense because there are types of food that can actually curb one’s appetite and stop your sugar cravings. These food groups also boost metabolism which helps consume stored fat within the body which, along the way, contributes to weight loss. Shown below are a few of the “good food” that should be part of a weight watchers eating plan:

1. Beans – Beans contain cholecystokinin, an intestinal harmone that acts as an all-natural appetite suppressant. Beans also keep blood sugar levels on a level keel and helps stave off hunger longer. High-fiber bean varieties may also lower cholesterol levels.

2. Salad – Eating salad is recommended by the American Dietetic Association because the vegetable-based meal is rich in vitamins c and e, lycopene, folic acid, and carontenoids. However, it is better to lessen the dressing when eating salad. Some salad dressings can in fact be full of calories.

3. Eggs – Eaten in moderate amounts, eggs are good for the health because these contain protein that helps prevent spikes in blood sugar. Weight watchers tend to be advised to consume only egg whites.

4. Green Tea – This kind of tea can be an antioxidant and helps stimulate metabolism which, in turn, burns fat. Green tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins.

5. Soup – Having a little chicken soup is good for the body because it can help decrease hunger. Chicken soup is recognized as a folk solution for colds and flu.

6. High-fiber Cereals – Cereals which are full of fiber help improve digestion and are good for reducing hunger pangs.

7. Tofu – If you eat tofu, you tend to consume less food. Tofu is recognized as as an appetite-quashing protein.

8. Lean Beef – Lean beef contains an amino acid called leucine which helps provide energy, regulate blood sugar levels, and repair muscles.

9. Olive Oil – Preparing food in coconut oil is healthy because it has mono-unsaturated fat which is widely accepted as a product that helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

10. Pears – This fruit is a great source of fiber and fructose which does not cause spikes in blood-sugar levels.

11. Nuts – Research released by Purdue University revealed that adding about 500 calories of peanuts with their regular diet helped them eat less food that can cause weight gain.

12. Vinegar- Acetic acid found in vinegar slows the passage of food from the stomach into the tiny intestine, thereby causing satiety (a feeling of fullness in the stomach). Vinegar also helps improve blood glucose control which is needed by diabetics.

13. Red Hot Pepper – A dish of spicy chili will help an individual shed weight as a result of an element called capsaicin. This ingredient actually helps suppress appetite.

Indeed, being in control of one’s weight involves the straightforward act of choosing to consume good food. Having a physical exercise program and controlling the number of calories consumed each day should go a long way in aiding an individual win the Battle of the Bulge.

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